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About The Festival

The Festival of Education provides an opportunity for debate about education and the place it has in a rapidly changing world. Education’s disciplines and expectations can no longer be taken for granted and are being constantly revisited, revised and renewed.

Over three live days and 6 virtual afternoons, the Festival brings together experts in education from the China and the rest of the world who will present a variety of talks, lead workshops, and take part in panel discussions that will stimulate thinking about education. If you are involved in, or passionate about education, this inspirational event is for you.

Come and join other live or virtual Festival-goers too explore, celebrate, learn, debate and connect. Be inspired by our impressive speakers, get involved with workshops and activities and connect with other educationalists, teachers, students and parents.



It was a great honour to be asked to co-ordinate this year’s Wellington College China Festival of Education (EdFest) and I warmly welcome all those interested in what progressive and world class education looks like.

At a period when we have all been questioning increasingly how we can instruct children in the best possible way, in the midst of the ever changing educational climate which COVID-19 has presented to us all; it is perhaps even more so the right time to ‘join the debate’ and be part of the discussion on what the future of education might look like – and why.

I therefore look forward to seeing all of those who can take part with all the other festival-goers, whether this be at one of our live events or one of our 6 virtual afternoon sessions – to explore, celebrate, learn, discuss and connect. We invite you to be enthused by our inspirational speakers, get involved in workshops and activities and connect with other educators, teachers, students and parents.

Let me finish by thanking all those who have helped put this Festival together this year. That includes all the staff within Wellington College Central Office and the Institute of Learning, the wonderful marketing teams at each school and all the speakers of course. A particular nod to our three school-based EdFest teacher representatives, our Central Office Director of Marketing and Project Manager. What a great team!

Paul Rogers

Festival Director


Key Strands

The Festival offers five quite distinct strands that you may wish to follow or dip into.

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ELG is a social enterprise that provides educational and therapeutic services for local and international families. Founded in 2006, it was the first high quality, international special education and therapy provider in China. Initially in Shanghai as a trailing spouse, speech-language pathologist Dr. Shari D. Rosen was frustrated at the lack of resources available in China for families of children with special needs. She, husband Monte Rosen, and friend Andrew Hill came together to form ELG, which has now grown to serve over 600 families annually. ELG offers speech-language therapy, learning support, cognitive assessments, physical and occupational therapy, behavior therapy, and mental health counseling. Some examples include support with reading difficulties, learning disabilities, sleep issues, handwriting, mental health challenges, coordination, and social skills. ELG’s specialist team also provides training and consulting for teachers, parents, students, and professionals. ELG also has a full-time bilingual special education program located in Shanghai. www.chinaelg.com

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