Key Strands

The Festival offers five quite distinct strands that you may wish to follow or dip into.

Exploring education in China

As parental expectations, government guidance and the general educational landscape in private schools in China continues to change and adapt, this strand gives an opportunity for presentations, discussions and workshops centring around best practice within schools and school groups, some possible implications of these changes as well as a look at what the educational scene may look like here in China in the years to come.

Technology and education

The use of technology in education continues to change and adapt at a remarkable pace, even more so in private schools. Through this strand we hope to introduce more focussed thought and discussion into how technology currently supports education, how effective and useful it really is and what current trends are there that might develop over the next 5-10 years.

Transition points in education

We know that moving from one phase of a school to another for many pupils can be a traumatic experience filled with unnecessary and upsetting surprises. How do the very best schools and educators ensure that this event becomes more of a process over time that is seamless for everyone concerned. Join our presentations, workshops and discussions centred around this strand for more information.

‘The Future is in our hands’

What bigger role can our pupils and our schools play in the fight to stop environmental destruction around us? In this strand we look at areas such as sustainability and the impact that we all have towards ensuring our students and schools are doing as much as they possibly can to reduce their carbon footprints and that we are educating those pupils to become leaders in this crucial endeavour.

Wellbeing and mental health

As always, the wellbeing and positive mental health of the whole school community is paramount to a happy, safe and productive education for our children. Through this strand we talk to, listen to and debate with a wide range of thought leaders from around China and the world and look at how we can continue to improve our understanding of this important area and how we teach these states to the pupils in our schools.

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