Future Schools

Karen Ardley
Lead Consultant, Karen Ardley Associates
Dr Dianjun Wang 
Principal of Tsinghua University High School 
Colin Bell 
Madeline Churchill 
Head of Art, Wellington College International Tianjin 
Megan Huckfield 
Head of Humanities, Wellington College International Tianjin 
Tony Christopher Lane 
 Wellington College International Tianjin 
Gregor Marković
Director of Educational Technology, Wellington College International Tianjin 
Richard Gerver 
Award-winning speaker, bestselling author and world-renowned thinker 
David Judge
Executive Creative Director for Space Zero
Tainian Zheng 
Deputy Director of the Institute of International and Comparative Education at East China Normal University 
Dr Ling Fan 
Founder and CEO of Tezign.com 
Meihong Rao 
Principal of Hangzhou Jianlan Middle School 
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