Kirsty Anderson
Director of Academics (Initial Teacher Education and English), Wellington College China 
Cuiwei Ye 
Party Secretary, Principal of Hailiang Education Group 
Fiona Carter
Director of Academics (Early Years) at Wellington College China
Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China
Head Librarian of Wellington College Hangzhou
Xueqin Jiang
Researcher at Harvard Graduate School of Education Global Education Innovation Initiative
Kirsten Hunter 
Head of Marketing Development of Maggie & Rose Greater China
Fangjun Zhu 
Director of Teaching and Research and Chief Researcher of JQSW
Brian Linden
Founder of The Linden Centre
Yan Chen 
Headmaster of Keqiao Central Kindergarten in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City. 
Peter Mackey
Director of Chapman Taylor Shanghai Office
Jingfen Zhang 
Co-founder of Shanghai Moleqode Education Technology Company Limited 
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