Houqing Yin
Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education 
Lola Alvarez
Reggio Emilia-Inspired Consultant
Founder and Chairman of Wellington College China
Mark Bishop 
Executive Headmaster, YK Pao School
Xueqin Jiang
Researcher at Harvard Graduate School of Education Global Education Innovation Initiative
Matt Corke
Assistant Head Curriculum, Senior School, Wellington College international Shanghai
Fangjun Zhu 
Director of Teaching and Research and Chief Researcher of JQSW
Robbie Davies
Head of Wellbeing, Wellington College International Shanghai
Dr Jane Zhao 
Master’s Supervisor and Associate Professor at the Institute of International and Comparative Education of East China Normal University 
Peter John Derby-Crook MBE
Director of Education, Dipont Education
Zhi Zhang
Director and Party Secretary General of Shanghai Educational Technology Centre
Catherina Fasanmi-Jones
Admissions Officer, Wellington College International Shanghai
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