Virtual Speaker

Karen Ardley
Lead Consultant, Karen Ardley Associates
Johnny Ball
Renowned television presenter, mathematics and science populariser
Shonette Bason-Wood 
Motivational speaker, international consultant/trainer, education author 
Colin Bell 
Adrian Bethune 
 Education Policy Co-Lead at the Mindfulness Initiative 
Martin Burder 
Head of Well Being at Uppingham School 
Tingting Chen
Art Therapist, ELG
Rob Coe 
Director of Research and Development at Evidence Based Education
Jan Dubiel 
Executive Principal of Little Lions Kindergartens, EYC lead of Harrow International Schools 
Richard Gerver 
Award-winning speaker, bestselling author and world-renowned thinker 
Davy Guo
Regional Director (Hangzhou) and Psychologist, ELG
Andy Homden
Founder of Consilium Education 
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