Mark Bishop 
Executive Headmaster, YK Pao School
Martin Burder 
Head of Well Being at Uppingham School 
Bella Lin
Renowned and popular parenting and science writer 
Maja Rogic
Maths teacher, student welfare and guidance, and Anglesey Housemistress, Wellington College International Tianjin 
Toby Roundell
Pastoral and Safeguarding Lead, Wellington College International Tianjin 
Cathy Xie  
Research fellow at Beijing Normal University
Rongjin Wu
Principal of Shanghai Huangpu Luwan No. 1 Central Primary School and Shanghai Jiading Luwan No. 1 Central Experimental Primary School 
Ms Hong Xu
Principal of Shanghai Experimental School
Elis Poh
Learning Support and Dyslexia Therapist
Guest Speaker 2019
Sarah Bilodeau
Dramatherapist, ELG
Guest Speaker 2019
Hywel Roberts
Travelling Teacher and Author
Guest Speaker 2019
Prof. Dr Ferre Laevers
Guest Speaker 2019
Research Centre for Experiential Education
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