Brian Linden

Mr Linden began working in China 1984 as a CBS cameraman. During those two years, he was involved in interviews with Chinese leaders and found time to play the leading role in a feature-length movie produced by Beijing Film Studio. He completed his graduate studies at the University of Illinois, Hopkins Nanjing Center and Stanford.


Mr Linden worked on education investment/development projects in over 75 countries before returning to China in 2004 to found the Linden Centre. The Lindens now have six similar projects throughout Yunnan and one in Suzhou. Each site focuses on the preservation of existing important historical buildings while incorporating the villagers in the planning and management of the final product, a heritage hotel. The hotels, which consistently are ranked by Tripadvisor among the top five in all of China. The Linden Centre model has received praise from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the US Secretary of State and dozens of media and scholars.

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