Bee Gilbert

Bee is a photographer who specialises in portraits but also has many years of experience in film stills, theatre front-of-house and reportage. She has worked as a script reader, film researcher and writer, and produced The Cement Garden, an award-winning film based on Ian McEwan’s novel. After the death of her son Anno in 2001, Bee set up a charity called Anno’s Africa in partnership with Anno’s father, writer Andrew Birkin. The aim of the charity is to bring arts programmes to children in the Kenyan slums who would otherwise have no opportunity to explore their creative talents. The classes include creative writing, drama, ballet, contemporary dance, music, art and circus skills. Bee has been running the charity since its inception in 2006 and there are now over 2,000 children participating in Kenya. Two years ago, Anno’s Africa started up in Northern Malawi with 500 children attending classes.

In 2009, Bee produced, wrote and directed a film entitled Malikato it highlights the challenges female children in the slums can often face when trying to attend primary school.

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