Dr Dianjun Wang 

Dr Wang is Principal of Tsinghua University High School. He holds a PhD from the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University and has worked at the school as an associate professor, professor, PhD supervisor and party secretary.

Dr Wang is dedicated to exploring and innovating in education. He laid development plans for Tsinghua University High School to cultivate talent, reform and innovate, as well as fulfil social responsibilities. He built the vision of ‘building a world-class school brand’ with a mission to ‘cultivate future leaders’ and advocated for curriculum development, pedagogical reform, innovative talent cultivation and development in international education. Dr Wang has been awarded the Contemporary Education Master Award; the National Advanced Worker in Featured Education Award; the National Outstanding Principal in Featured Education Award; the National Outstanding Principal Award for Educational Reform and Innovation; and the Outstanding Party Member of Tsinghua University Award, along with many other honours.

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