Dr Mingzheng Shi

Dr Mingzheng Shi received his Ph.D. with distinction, in Chinese History from Columbia University in 1993. He built a successful academic career at U.S. universities. From 1992 to 1997, he was Assistant Professor of East Asian History at the University of Houston teaching East Asian Civilizations, Survey of Chinese History and other courses. He also supervised graduate students in Chinese history. From 1997 to 2000he was Associate Professor of Twentieth Century China at the University of Hawaii Manoa, where he taught a variety of courses on China and Asia, including (at the undergraduate level) World Civilizations, Twentieth Century China, Traditional China, and (at the graduate level) China in Revolution, State-Society Relations in China, Chinese Urban History. For the past nearly twenty years, he has held leadership positions in international education as Director of Bing Overseas Studies Program in Beijing, Stanford University; as Associate Vice President at the City University of Hong Kong; as Associate Dean and Executive Director, Duke Kunshan University; as Founding Director of New York University Shanghai; and as Regional Director for East Asia, Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE).

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