Prof. Dr Ferre Laevers

Professor Dr Ferre Laevers is a director of the Research Centre for Experiential Education based at the University of Leuven (Belgium) and co-founder of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association. Most of his work is linked to the innovative project ‘Experiential Education’ of which he was the founding father more than 40 years ago. This project generated a framework for quality assessment and improvement, suitable for a wide range of settings: from babies and toddlers in childcare up to professional development in-service training.

In Experiential Education the wellbeing and the intensity of the mental activity in the learner (engagement) is seen as a key indicator for the ‘power’ of the learning environment.

Concepts, instruments and materials inspire practitioners, teacher trainers and researchers in many countries, such as the UK, Ireland, France, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Japan, the Dutch Antiles, Ecuador, Suriname and Vietnam.

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