Fiona Carter

Ms Carter holds a BA in Education from the University of Sheffield. She specialises in early childhood education and has more than 30 years of experience in the sector.  After many years of working in and leading Early Years and lower Primary in schools in Germany and northern England, she was promoted to head of Early Years in local government in southeast England. In that role, Ms Carter led many high-impact improvement projects, including the successful implementation of the new Early Years Framework and English national statutory assessment for Early Years. Ms Carter then went on to become the international development manager for a specialist Early Years consultancy company, Early Excellence, working extensively across the Middle East, Europe and parts of Africa.

In her current role, Ms Carter advises, monitors and guides the Early Years provision across the organisation, both bilingual and international. She also advises on the strategy for Early Years across Wellington College China, including planning for new campuses, recruitment and the development of Wellington’s bilingual model.

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