Hai Lan  

Ms Lan holds Master’s degrees in Education, Psychology and Sociology. She founded Shangbin Education in 2003, the year that she graduated from the University of Munich. Since then, she has developed growth education theories, launched youth growth programmes and started a family education service platform called Lanhai Talks About Growth.

Ms Lan currently holds positions in a number of educational organisations. She is the vice chairman of the Council of Beijing New Vocational Skills Training Industry Alliance and an expert advisor of the Sina Education Research Institute. She is the director of the Growth Education Research Institute, the China Academy of Management Sciences, the Institute of Educational Innovation, the Family Education Research Centre and the Beijing Family Education Research Association. She is also a special consultant for the National Health Commission’s revision of the infant and child development facilitators’ professional standards.

Ms Lan has has appeared as a guest on many popular television programmes in China  and is the author of the   books Lan Hai: An Open Class on Growth Education and Lan Hai Talks About Growth and What Children Need. 

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