Houqing Yin

Mr Yin is Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education, Member of the Expert Committee of the National Textbook Committee, Deputy Director of the Steering Committee of Basic Education Teaching of the Ministry of Education, President of the Shanghai Education Society and National Education Inspector.  He serves as an adjunct professor at East China Normal University and Shanghai Normal University and is a member of the Academic Committee at the Institute of Basic Education Reform and Development and the Institute of Curriculum Reform of East China Normal University, a key institute for research in humanities and social sciences. Mr Yin was former Deputy Director and Inspector of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

Mr Yin has participated in or presided over the formulation of many major reform programmes and policies for basic education in Shanghai, including the integration of urban and suburban areas in Pudong New Area, developing management mechanisms, administration and evaluation, designing education policy systems for children of migrant workers, developing public service systems for Early Years education, integration of basic education in Shanghai’s urban and rural areas and curriculum reform for primary and secondary schools.

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