Ian Marchant

Ian Peter Marchant (born 14 March 1958) is an English writer, broadcaster and performer born in Guildford, England.  He is best known for his non-fiction works — mainly travel writing and memoir — but he has also written two novels and several other books, as well as short stories and newspaper articles.

Following the completion of  Parallel Lines and The Longest Crawl  he has been invited to contribute to several programmes and newspaper features on the topics of railway travel and pub culture and is often quoted in reviews of other books on these topics. He has made numerous programmes for BBC Radio and for UK regional television. Marchant was also a Lecturer in Creative Writing in the School of English at Birmingham City University. His most recent book, A Hero for High Times, was one of The Times’ books of the year, and considered the role of counterculture in post-war Britain. 

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