Lili Jia

Ms Jia is currently based in Beijing and works as Associate Head of School & Dean of Curriculum at Keystone Academy. She a passionate teacher and educator with more than 28 years of experience. She has served at different international and bilingual schools as well as Chinese National government schools where she gained her teaching and leadership experience in Chinese National Curriculum, IGCSE and IB.

During her time working at local government schools, she worked as homeroom teacher, language lead teacher, grade level leader and also an examiner for the China National Curriculum High School Entrance Exam. She has given the Outstanding Young Teacher award at the city and district level, and has experience working in the Dean of Studies and Moral Education Office.

Ms Jia has been working with the IB program for over 22 years and she is currently IB a workshop leader with over 14 years of teacher training experience. She is also IB field representative, senior examiner, School Authorization Visiting Team leader and consultant. She was a distinguished speaker and presenter at both national and international conferences, such as United States NCTC conference, ACAMIS Summer Institute, EARCOS teachers conference and IBC Annual conference.

She holds a master’s degree in Linguistic and Applied Linguistics, and a Postgraduate diploma in social & educational studies.

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