Louise Maria Chapman, BA, MEd 

Ms Chapman studied for her BA in English and philosophy at the University of Bristol before completing her PGCE and Master of Education degree at the University of Cambridge. She was subsequently awarded the master’s prize for academic achievement. Her research specialism is the reading habits of modern-day teenagers and their responses to contemporary YA fiction. In 2019, she published an article in the NATE journal English in Education entitled ‘What are Teenagers Reading? An investigation into the reading lives of pupils.’

Through her six years’ teaching experience as a secondary English teacher, Ms Chapman has merged the boundaries between practice and pedagogy to implement and evaluate the effectiveness of reading strategies within the classroom. She is also keen to promote the value of learning through role-play and drama. During her teaching career, she has directed numerous Shakespeare productions – including a condensed version of Macbeth which aired on Tianjin TV in November 2019. She has also implemented drama activities in the classroom to promote a passion for reading, language and performance.

Ms Chapman aspires to continue teaching whilst undertaking a PhD in Educational Research.

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