Madeline Churchill 

Ms Churchill has been a member of the Wellington College family since 2006 when she was given her first teaching post at Wellington College in England by Sir Anthony Seldon. A Fine Art graduate from Oxford University’s Ruskin School of Art, she taught at the Wellington College Art School for eight years and has been head of art at Wellington College International Tianjin for six years.

Throughout this time, Ms Churchill has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, aspiring to draw out the best of everyone’s creative potential. Ambitious artwork is made at every level, from year 7 pupils through to top Senior School pupils who go on to study at prestigious art institutions across the world.

Teaching in China has drawn out new areas of interest within teaching including ‘Creative Thinking’ which is a key theme for her presentation at this year’s Education Festival. By drawing on ideas from a range of education thinkers and putting them into practice in the bilingual classroom, Ms Churchill discusses what creativity is and how it will become more important in schools for the future.

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