Meihong Rao 

Ms Rao is a principal of Hangzhou Jianlan Middle School, a practice instructor of the Ministry of Education Principal Training Centre, Chairman of China Association of Educational Technology, Vice-Chairman of Hangzhou Middle School Management Professional Committee, a specially appointed expert of the Zhejiang Research Institute of Education and an education strategic advisor for various local authorities.


She was named among the Top Ten Outstanding Youths in Hangzhou, and was awarded the Schoolmaster of the Year for Educational Reform and Innovation in Hangzhou, the third Good Schoolmaster in China, the Top Ten Outstanding Headmasters in China and the Most Influential Headmaster in China’s Yangtze River Delta Award.


Ms Rao lives by the motto “light burden, high quality” and is a pioneer in adaptive education. Her commitment to reduce a student’s burden in learning new knowledge by using adaptive teaching methods received commendation from the Ministry of Education.

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