Patricia Zayan

After living in eight different countries across four different continents, Patricia has acquired a personal understanding of what it means to be a TCK (Third Culture Kid). With both a French father and a Dutch mother, she found herself at an early age struggling with her identity and questioning where she belonged.

Having gone to international schools her whole life, she often found herself among friends with similar feelings; all had spent most of their lives outside of their native countries and all had picked up bits and pieces from various cultures to construct their identities, yet none felt like they belonged to a particular culture. It was during this time that Patricia found out about being a TCK and along with her mother dived deeper into what it meant to be one. Patricia ended up writing her Bachelor thesis on TCKs and their connection to the world through identity, in addition to submitting other papers on the same subject throughout her studies.

She is currently studying corporate communication at the University of Amsterdam but is looking into counseling studies as she hopes to pursue counseling for (adult) TCKs in the near future. 

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