Philippa Osborne

Philippa has been a teacher for over 15 years, with a law degree in addition to a PGCE with a modern foreign languages specialism. Philippa first moved to China in 2008 and after a 2-year period spent working in Singapore moved back to Shanghai in 2014. Philippa was a founding member of Wellington College Shanghai and has taught both year 1 and year 2 children since starting at Wellington. In addition to teaching, Philippa is as a deputy designated safeguarding lead for years 1 to 5 and is passionate about improving the mental health and wellbeing of all children, using meditation and mindfulness techniques. Philippa’s broader educational interests include improving the quality of children’s ideas through application of the Harvard University Project Zero thinking routines as well fostering more emotionally self-aware and resilient children through current research into children’s wellbeing.

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