Phoebe Jan

Phoebe holds a bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from Fu Jen University, China Taiwan, as well as a master’s degree in neuroscience from the National Taiwan University Hospital.
Prior to joining ELG, Phoebe worked in the area of mental health rehabilitation at St. Paul’s Hospital in Taiwan and she also conducted pediatric neurology research at National Taiwan University Hospital. Most recently in Shanghai, she worked in a development center that provides occupational therapy services and in-class support for preschool children.
Phoebe has extensive experience working with children with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), global developmental delay, cerebral palsy, developmental coordination disorder, and genetic disorders. She is licensed in Beckman Oral Motor Training.
As an occupational therapist at ELG, Phoebe conducts assessments and develops appropriate interventions for gross motor and fine motor development, sensory integration, visual-motor integration, and life-skills practice. Phoebe is passionate about helping children develop functional life-skills so they can engage in school and community activities independently. She hopes to utilize her knowledge and professional skills to positively improve the quality of life for children and their families.
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