Jacky Ni

Jacky has over 20 years of school leadership experience spread across six schools. After graduating from Shanghai Normal University, he began his teaching career at Shanghai Jianping High School. Jacky has also studied EMBA courses at Fudan University, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Freeman Business School, Tulane University.

Jacky has undertaken more than ten research projects at national, municipal and district levels for which he has been awarded two National First Prizes and numerous other accolades. Throughout his career, Jacky s leadership has been recognised with numerous honours, including the award of Excellent Teacher and Excellent Master by Shanghai Education Commission. He has also been bestowed the Prominent Master Development Project in Shanghai.

Jacky is motivated by finding ways to effectively integrate western and eastern education, to link the traditional and current educational approaches and is fully committed to continuous school improvement. Born in Shanghai, Jacky is married and has one child. He enjoys travelling.

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