Michael Bywater

Michael Bywater is an English author, cultural commentator, satirist and broadcaster. His books include Big Babies, Or, Why Don’t We Just Grow Up?, a piercing and sometimes hilarious indictment of the modern “nanny state” and the infantilisation of the West, and the acclaimed Lost Worlds: What Have We Lost and Where Has It Gone?, a rueful and often moving study of nostalgia and the vanished.

He spent over ten years as lead columnist for the Independent on Sunday Review, before which he was deputy editor of the celebrated Punch magazine and resident futurist at The Observer. He is a regular broadcaster on BBC radio and is culture critic of the New Statesman; he has contributed to all the quality British daily and Sunday newspapers and countless magazines, having been for many years a contributing editor to Cosmopolitan.

Outside journalism, he has written or co-written computer games for The Digital Village (with Douglas Adams), Infocom and Magnetic Scrolls; has worked as ‘script doctor’ on a number of screenplays; taught investigative and structured thinking; and taught at the University of Cambridge. He has taken part in academic conferences including the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Cambridge and London, and the Royal Society of Arts in London, as well as in the USA.

He has been a visiting fellow and writer-in-residence at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and prior to that was senior associate at King’s College, Cambridge. He also advises the government on the interface between Chinese and Western education.

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