Yihong Zhu 

Ms Zhu holds a PhD degree. She is an associate professor, master’s supervisor as well as the deputy director of Mental Health Education and Counselling Center at Zhejiang University. She is a registered instructor of the Clinical Psychology Registration Committee of the Chinese Psychological Society, a member of the Cognitive Behavioural Professional Committee of the China Association for Mental Health, an expert in vocational skills assessment in the Zhejiang Province, a senior visiting scholar at Cornell University’s Medical College and the supervisory site leader of the registration system in Zhejiang. Ms Zhu has been engaged in psychological counselling for nearly 20 years, during which she received continuous training in cognitive behavioural therapy, psychoanalysis, Chinese-German family therapy, somatic psychotherapy, etc. She has rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Consultation on psychological crisis intervention, parent-child relationships and emotional disorders is her expertise.

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