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ELG is a social enterprise that provides educational and therapeutic services for local and international families. Founded in 2006, it was the first high quality, international special education and therapy provider in China. Initially in Shanghai as a trailing spouse, speech-language pathologist Dr. Shari D. Rosen was frustrated at the lack of resources available in China for families of children with special needs. She, husband Monte Rosen, and friend Andrew Hill came together to form ELG, which has now grown to serve over 600 families annually. ELG offers speech-language therapy, learning support, cognitive assessments, physical and occupational therapy, behavior therapy, and mental health counseling. Some examples include support with reading difficulties, learning disabilities, sleep issues, handwriting, mental health challenges, coordination, and social skills. ELG’s specialist team also provides training and consulting for teachers, parents, students, and professionals. ELG also has a full-time bilingual special education program located in Shanghai. www.chinaelg.com

2019 Muse Education

Muse Education Inc. was founded in 2018, focusing on personalized education services such as in-depth summer camps in the United States, senior summer schools, parent-child study tours, and kindergartens. We are committed to providing professional advice on the international exchange of education, technology, and in developing exclusive education solutions. We adhere to core values of Originality, Responsibility, Professionalism and Safety. Muse Education Inc. has established strong working relationships with domestic and foreign education administrative departments, well-known universities and colleges, education and training institutions, cultural exchange institutions, and youth exchange foundations. We leverage our rich overseas resources and elite team of professionals to provide people with the opportunity to truly experience quality education in the United States. Children are given the opportunity to explore the world, experience different cultures and ways of thinking, and broaden their horizons. Letting student study overseas is the best way to be competitive internationally.

Rong Chuang

Guided by the brand positioning of “Passion for Perfection”, Sunac China Holdings Limited (Sunac below) is committed to providing complete solutions for Chinese families to enjoy a better life by integrating resources including high-end residences, cultures and entertainments, and commercial mating through high-quality and diversified products and services. One Park Era, a product of Sunac Top-series, is located at the center of the east area of Olympic Sports Center, Binjiang, and near Huili School Hangzhou. Covering the total construction areas with around 400 thousand square meters, the project follows the essence of One Park Era under Sunac Top-series, with the shape and structure of the two core products referring to hardcover-style high-rises and eastern-style courtyard mansions. The project is hot-selling and waiting for your visiting and collecting.


HK Focus Media is a fully-integrated multi-media, events, digital and communications group based in top-tier cities across China. With 21 years of history, we boast a comprehensive portfolio of products that includes: That’s magazines distributed in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Suzhou; city and national websites; mobile and tablet apps; strong social media presence; as well as regular customized products, from guides to client requested publications. https://www.thatsmags.com

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