"To keep in step with an ever-changing world, schools can no longer offer an education that lacks dynamism or flexibility. Pupils, parents, teachers, and politicians should all be involved in creating new educational pathways that are fit for an often uncertain future. Debate, discussion and inquiry are therefore essential elements of the way forward."

Over four days, the Festival brings together experts in education from the UK, China and the rest of the world who will present a variety of talks, lead workshops, and take part in panel discussions that will stimulate thinking about education.If you are involved in, or passionate about education, this inspirational event is for you.

Come and join other Festival-goers who explore, celebrate, learn, debate and connect. Be inspired by our impressive speakers, get involved with workshops and activities and connect with other educationalists, teachers, students and parents.



The Festival offers four quite distinct strands that you may wish to follow or dip into.

  • Early Years focus: dedicated sessions for Early Years educators and parents
  • Wellbeing: an inquiry into examination stress, body image and mental health
  • A developing romance: aspects of the relationship between Chinese and British education
  • Exploring education: sessions challenging accepted ideas and fundamental concepts of teaching


Wellington College Festival of Education is open to anyone interested in education and the process of learning, whether they are educators, parents or students.


Watch this space! In 2016 speakers included: David Didau, Jun-Yang Williams, James Beadle, Sue Carpenter, The Self-Esteem Team, Paul Clarke, Barry Cooper, Richard Farmer, Jane Hewitt, Stephen Jacobi, Matt Knowles, Rosaline May Lee, Chris Lowe, Sam Mulliner, Andrew Pybus, Michelle Stone, Ian Warwick, Clair Watson, Sheng Yun, Emilie Haifeng Wang, Fan Yang, Grace Zheng.